It takes a lot of time to scan through the internet to find the ONE company that is right for you. The search stops HERE! You have come across a painting company that will not call the job done until you are happy! Isn’t that a big relief to know that your satisfaction is our number one priority? Not only that, but we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy company as a whole. We are glad you found us and that you are here reading this. We want to provide everyone that we can with a great painting service experience so that the word spreads about us!

Why are we the best painting contractors in Crofton?

This is a painting company that takes pride in what we do! All of us. We have a very low tolerance for shenanigans. When our painters come to your door, rest assured that we mean business! We are there to do a professional paint job that will last for years to come. That means we need to take the proper steps to ensure a good job. It’s all in the prep work. If you have some rough walls, we always sand the surfaces before painting to ensure good adhesion and smoothness. If the trim is cracked, we use high grade caulk to ensure that it doesn’t crack again for a long time. If there are any cracks, nail pops, or other imperfections on the walls or ceilings, we know exactly what patching compound to be using for the job. We will prime any repairs, smoke damage, water stains, or anything else with the proper primer for the job to ensure none of that can be seen on the final product. Allow us to prove ourselves to you!

We are also commercial painting contractors!

Are you a business owner or manager? We will gladly help out with sprucing up office buildings, schools, churches, and many more projects of the sort. Scott and his estimators will work with business managers to make the process as smooth as possible. If you can’t get a hold of Scott, rest assured he will call you back! Our commercial painters have the necessary tools to get the job done such as scaffolding, various ladder sizes, spray equipment, hard hats, etc…

Exterior painting in Crofton

One of the best ways to give your home curb appeal is to give it a fresh paint job outside. Rest assured we have the tools to do the job safely and effectively. We make sure we clean the home to give ourselves a clean surface to work on. As our exterior painters work, they will keep an eye out for any rotted wood and point it out to you, the home owner, so you can take the best course of action. If one of our crew members can’t fix the rotted areas, we will recommend some carpentry companies that we work with on a regular basis. We will always do our best to clean up any paint chips or debris made during the process. In the end we treat your home like it’s our own, so it can be a real show piece!

Interior painting in Crofton

As a homeowner, you have a vision for your home, we are here to be the bridge to get your home to where you want it to be. Our painters will bring your walls to their full potential. If you can’t decide on a color, we can help you figure it out. There are several options these days to find a color you like. We work closely with Sherwin Williams color consultants. There are also apps for your smart phone to aid in the decision, or you could go old school and grab some sample containers and have us apply them. Whichever you choose we are willing to be there every step of the way!

Local painting performed in Crofton, MD
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