Doing a deck can be a tricky job. If you have wood replaced or have a rug covering a section, those areas won’t take certain stains the same. Its for this reason you want a painter that has the experience to foresee these problems before they happen. Our all-star crew is experts at wood staining and sealing. 

Also power washing before applying any stain is a must. We have moisture meters too, so we can make sure the deck is not too wet to apply products. We recommend using these high quality products: Super deck from Sherwin Williams, Olympic, Cabot, and Arbor coat.

If you have an older deck you should use a solid stain to get the maximum protection from the sun. If your deck is middle aged then a semi transparent or semi solid will do. For a new deck, a transparent stain or sealer is recommended. With that said, we will do whatever you want because we are here to make you happy. We will always let you the customer know your options either way!


When you hire us for an interior staining project, we make sure to be extremely careful during the process. One mistake in the delicate process and we may have to sand down everything and start again. This is why you will want to hire us! We have the experience to handle these types of jobs.

Who else but us professionals would know not to shake the can of polyurethane? We know that it will put air into it and make the finish have bubbles, thus ruining the final product. Or how about continuously stirring your stain while applying to prevent the pigment from settling to the bottom.

MVP knows the right tools to use for applying products to avoid flaws in the finish which can easily occur. You don’t want roller fibers in your finish because the painter used the wrong kind of roller! Or worse yet a rough finish because they didn’t sand between coats of poly. Or how about scratch marks because the painter used too rough of a sand paper? Choose us for the knowledge and experience we bring to the table for all your wood staining and sealing projects.

Wood staining of a deck in Glen Burnie
Wood staining of a deck in Annapolis
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