How MVP has done power washing is an adopted method that owner Scott has brought from his 12 years working at JLB Enterprise. The old saying goes if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

The equipment

MVP has been upgrading from small HDX pump sprayers to new Ryobi battery power backpack sprayers for applying cleaning solutions. These boost speed and efficiency, so you the customer benefit.

Our MIT M pressure washers range from 2700 to 3000 PSI, which is plenty of pressure to do the job! 

Home power washing

To get the outside of your home clean in most cases MVP will start off by applying a mild bleach solution to loosen up the dirt. This also kills mold spores so that they don’t grow back as fast keeping your home cleaner for longer.

In some cases a home may have oxidation which is a breaking down of the top coat of paint, this will appear as a chalky residue if you wipe your hand over it. This layer of oxidation needs to be power washed off so that any top coats of paint will adhere properly. 

Deck power washing

Even on decks, we would need to apply a mild bleach solution before power washing if mold is present.

All decks aren’t alike. Sometimes when a deck is power washed the top layer of paint or stain may flake or peel off. Other times the stain may dissolve away kind of like the oxidation explained above. If this happens it means the stain has reached the end of its life and the deck needs recoating.

Another thing that can happen is graying from the sun. This usually occurs to bare wood or decks with only a sealer or transparent stain.

Cement power washing

When MVP washes cement we don’t always need to use a mild bleach solution unless there is mold present. The machine does all the work. Yes we get very dirty sometimes, but it is very rewarding to see the finished product. Doing cement is nice because we don’t have to be on ladders, but the challenge is not giving yourself a back ache. The key for doing cement and even decks too, is to stand up straight and not hunch over, no matter how tempting!

Roof power washing

Although it is not recommended to power wash a shingled roof because it can void the warranty and shorten the life of the shingles, there are ways to clean it. What MVP has done in the past is use our mild bleach solution to spray the roof. Our crew then allows the cleaning solution to soak in and do its thing. Afterwards MVP lightly rinses the roof off with either a garden hose or with the pressure washer from afar as to not damage the shingles in any way.

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