Exterior Painting


The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they visit you. It’s only natural that you want it looking it’s best for when you have those guests over. The big question always is who do you turn to? You may start asking around to friends and relatives if they know someone who can paint the outside of your house. Perhaps you have one recommendation and now need another. Despite how you came upon us, we are glad you are here. 


We are here to prove to you that we are a reliable source for all of your exterior services from power washing and painting to light carpentry. Take a look at our reviews on GoogleYelpHouzz, and our compilation here on our testimonies page. Hopefully seeing what others have to say will help aid your decision and guide you a little. We know it is hard to trust people these days. There are horror stories all around of contractors doing bad work, leaving the owner with a mess to clean up. We don’t ever plan on being part of that statistic!

MVP aims to be the difference in a world full of subpar contracting companies. If you are not happy, we are not done! When you hire us you can expect open and clear communication. If you have a question, Scott will be there to answer it or make sure it gets answered quickly. Scott has a background in painting. He has been doing this since he was 18 years old. His crew is just as experienced as he is. Rest assured he knows how to make your exterior project turn out the best.



The first thing you can expect is a proper cleaning of the home. This is a crucial step! We use 2700 – 3000 PSI cold water MI-T-M professional grade washers to blast away all of the dirt and grime. The home is pre-soaked with a mild bleach solution using our Ryobi backpack auto pump sprayers. Our crew takes care of your plants too, making sure our products do not harm them in any way. We are proud to say that no plants were harmed in the cleaning of any homes thus far! You can visit our power washing section for a more in depth look at this process.


Secondly, our exterior painting crew will take the time to meticulously scrape off any loose, chipping, or peeling paint. The scrapings are collected in drop cloths and raked up as best as possible. Sometimes these scraping just go everywhere! After that is all done, priming is started. This entails using an oil based primer to block out the tannin oils from bleeding thru. It also seals down the paint from flaking more and gives the new paint a good surface to bite to. We also make sure to lightly sand glossy surfaces to give the new paint something to bite to.


Next comes caulking. This will fill in any gaps or cracks in the trim that make it look ugly. This is necessary also because it keeps water out of areas that it shouldn’t be. If water gets in behind the wood and sits, it can rot the wood. We make sure to never caulk the underside of wood siding as this doesn’t allow it to breath as it should. Our caulk is 55 year warranty caulk that will last. Steps such as these make all the difference on the outside of your home! 


The last step is of course the long awaited painting of the exterior. We can paint a lot of different surfaces such as wood siding, aluminum siding, windows, doors, metal roofs, gutters, etc… The list goes on and on, but if you don’t see what you want painted listed, give Scott a call. He can tell you if we can do it or not.



Sherwin Williams is usually our go to source for a number of reasons. For one, they have stores just about everywhere. The convenience couldn’t be better. The quality is definitely top notch. The have several different lines of paint to meet every need. We get excellent prices from them and will pass along the savings to you! Other paints we don’t mind using are Benjamin Moore and Pittsburgh paints which also make excellent products. With all of that being said we will use whatever paint you would like us to.

We have had some bad experiences with paints however though. Usually this occurs with hardware store paints. Not all are bad don’t get us wrong. We’ve had enough problems to deter us from going out of our way to buy those paints. Mainly Behr and Valspar are the ones we are talking about.


The prep is the most important part, and what product being used matters too. We tend to gravitate toward using Zinsser brand name primers. This has been a trusted brand for many years. Next up is Crawfords painters putty, this is what we use for filling in nail holes on trim and siding. Dap 33 glazing is also another great product we use for re-glazing around old windows. We use Magnum XL 55 year caulk for around window and door trim.  

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