Are you tired of the outdated look of your current kitchen cabinets? Not to worry! At a quarter of the cost (or even less) of complete replacement, you can have the brand new look your kitchen has been asking for. Read below to get the inside scoop of how Most Valuable Painters will perform your cabinet painting project when you choose us.

The Cabinet Painting Process

MVP won’t leave you in the dark about how things are going to go. We understand that a lot of what has to be done may be uncharted territory for you, that is why explaining the details of the process to you is our pleasure! This is what you can expect:

  1. Drop cloths placed on floors
  2. Doors and drawers taken off and numbered to be prepped, spray primed, and sprayed with high quality paint at our shop
  3.  Knickknacks moved and covered with plastic as needed
  4. Sanding performed and primer delicately applied to cabinet bases
  5. Finish coats to cabinet bases
  6. All doors and drawers returned and re-installed with new bumpers
  7. Hardware re-installed
  8. Awesome clean up job

Products used for cabinet painting

 After sanding and wiping down the surface we apply a Shellac based primer that we LOVE. It dries very fast which allows us to move faster and not have to wait for things to dry. To top it off it is the best on the market! This primer gives the surface the grip it needs for any top coats while blocking out stains.

New paint technologies make it possible to use latex based paints on cabinetry as a finish coat without sacrificing durability especially products such as Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Enamel and Pro Classic is what MVP has been using as of late.  

What are you waiting for?

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