#1 Annapolis Painting Services

This is the most well known company and has 25 plus years in the game. You may be familiar with the latest news story about them a few years ago where they got in a little hot water. For more on that read here. Other than that it’s a pretty decent company that has many vans and painters at their disposal. The company performs many other tasks other than painting making them well versatile.

#2 Chesapeake Painting Services

A company that not only has their own painters, but also hires sub-contractors. This is usually in the summer months when they are overbooked and cannot take on the work themselves. They have been around for ten years plus, and have since promoted the secretary Jen to Vice president. Conveniently located on Chinquapin round road gives them easy access to the paint stores located very close by. They offer carpentry services as an added bonus to homeowners. Overall a very established and competent company to consider.

#3 Bay Country Painters

Although not located in Annapolis, they are still service the area. With 30 plus years in the business this company has grown to be a top competitor. With nearly 80 Google 5 star reviews they have proven their worth. Its also to be noted that it is partially run by the McGurk family. You may have seen them in a magazine article here or there as they have been know to write about their craft.

#4 Annapolis Coatings

Another well established company serving the area for over 20 years. Owner Terry Goble is one of the nicest fellows you’ll meet. He will sometimes work right alongside his crew when he is not doing estimates. This has come to be a smaller company in recent years having a handful of painters and just a couple vans in service. Still, the expertise is there nevertheless. They have been known to sub-contract out their work when they get an overflow of work in the summer months. Which makes sense being such a small company. A good option if you are not in a rush to get on the schedule.

#5 CertaPro Painters of Annapolis

CertaPro is a franchise that you may or may not have heard of. They have other branches that are owned by different individuals. One other branch is located in Severna Park for example. These types of businesses benefit from having a set type of process that can be repeated by every branch. Similar to what McDonald’s does in the fast food industry. A viable option that will deliver professional results.


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