Step #1


Gather the info

Upon calling you can expect quick responses. When connected with someone you will be asked for all of your information if this has not been gathered previously. All of which could include such things as your name, address, email, job scope, and how you found us. We do offer an online sign up form for this process as well.

Step #2


Set up the estimate time and day

 Once all of your info is gathered you will be able to schedule an estimate with us. Depending on the volume of estimates you may be given an estimate date immediately or be given a call back. An estimate is usually given the same day or next day. If you need to change your appointment time, we are flexible and will work with your schedule.

Step #3


At the estimate

From the moment you open the door you’ll be greeted with a smile. Expect to see kind and courteous individuals. We will take off our shoes in order to not dirty up your floors while walking through with you! As you show us everything you want done, we will be all ears! Any questions that you have we are there to answer for you. Once the walk through is over we will begin measuring if it is necessary. We typically like to take pictures or video of the space in order to make sure we don’t miss anything. We are looking for a number of things in this process. This includes: how much repairs there are, current colors, amount of windows and doors, ceiling height, and more. If the project is small enough we may be able to give you a ballpark idea of what it may cost.

Step #4


The write up

At our offices we look at all the gathered info to give you a personalized and detailed estimate. You will be given a clear list of specifications that lists every part of the process. We break things down as much as you want us to. If you want a room or surface separated it is not a problem for us. We include a terms & conditions page that clearly lays out what is to be expected of our company. Below that we often include some common details about our company. We even include a page that is from the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. This explains what the law is about hiring a contractor such as ourselves. You can expect to receive your quote in a couple days usually depending on volume of estimates at that time.

Step #5



Once you review everything and approve it, sign the contract. Next you’ll need to send a 1/3 deposit depending on the size of the job. This is usually sent through the mail well before the start of the project. Although sometimes we will collect the deposit on the first day of the project. If you want to cancel the contract, not to worry. It is stated in the terms & conditions that you have a set amount of time to do so. Now we can officially get you on the schedule for beautifying your home or business!

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